Not long now 

After the half marathon I was in a lot of pain in my left foot. Could barely walk on the Monday. Saw my chiropractor who uttered the words ‘stress fracture’ – she saw my reaction! She strapped it up and told me to rest for a week. By Wednesday it felt so much better. No pain at all. I was busy Thursday and Friday making my friend’s wedding cake and favours along with my amazing friends. Had a fantastic day at the wedding on the Saturday. Absolutely amazing. Andy and I stopped off at the gym on the way back on Sunday and I decided to have a run. I managed a good 10 km without any pain, which I was chuffed with as I am very aware that time is running out for my challenge!

I treated myself to some new trainers on Monday, so obviously had to try them out Monday evening. It was quite painful but I managed 5 km.

Having two rest days and no pain today I strapped my foot up and ran 5 km. I’ve worked out that in order to complete this challenge i have to run 5 km every day until Boxing Day! It could be a long few weeks!


Run like the Wind! 

Sunday 15th November and it’s 6.30am. The alarm goes off and all I can hear is the wind howling. It’s dark and miserable outside, and turning off the alarm and going back to sleep is very appealing, But no: out I get to get ready for my first half-marathon in 7 years!

When I started this 500km challenge I was comfortably running 5km.Then I decided to enter a couple of 10ks! Something a few weeks ago made me book this half marathon. I was wondering how mad I was when the car was stationary and being moved by the wind when we arrived in Gosport!

I registered, picked up my number, bought the t-shirt and pinned my number to my ICP Support running vest. I walked to the start and chatted with another mum. No one could really believe how windy it was and then we found that 99% of the run was by the sea.

The run started and off we went. I wasn’t aiming for a fantastic time in the weather – I just wanted to finish and clock up the km. It was an odd course: flat (which was great), but the laps meant that you were running back and forth by the sea. As I neared the end of the first lap I couldn’t work out whether it was inspiring or soul-destroying seeing the first runners well into their second lap!

I was on target against my watch. I wanted 2.15/2.20 and knew at what pace I had to run. Somehow, even against the wind, I knew I was OK. The wind helped half way, as it pushed me on. The other half it was against me and I was battered.

I passed mile 11 and I knew I was so close. My dad was at this point and he shouted words of encouragement and started to run. This meant so much to me: my dad is an avid runner (marathons in crazy fast times etc.), so for him to see me do this and be proud is even more special. I then neared the final corner and mum, Andy and George were there. George gave me the biggest smile and I burst into tears (which didn’t help the breathing), but after seeing dad I had picked up speed and continued this after seeing them.

I crossed the line in 2 hours 6 mins and 45 seconds. Wow! is all I can say. I am super pleased with my time. I am sitting here now with crazy wind burn all over my face and a little achy, but on the whole feeling fab and planning my next half-marathon!

So in six months I’ve gone from couch to half-marathon – something I never thought I would achieve at the beginning of this year.

Thank you for all the support from friends, family, fellow runners and ICP mums. It is you all I am thinking of when I am running and you that keep me going.

Running En España

So George, Laura and I set off Friday morning for a long weekend in Spain. Obviously my trainers were packed. They have been all over the world during this challenge! France, America and now Spain. I do need new ones, but feel I should finish the challenge in these!

Saturday morning I wanted to start the day with a run. Little did I realise how warm it was going to be. But with the sea to my side and the sun on my back off I went. Finding a new route was really exciting and in such a gorgeous location. I managed 7 km, so I was very pleased. Annoyed that my watch decided to pack up again right at the end as I stopped it. Not amused. Luckily I remember everything and look at it a lot through a run!

I decided that the evening was a much better time to run, as once the Sun starts to set it is much cooler. I have been very lucky as Laura has taken George for a walk each time I’ve decided to run. I set off again and being pedantic with numbers I knew I wanted to do 8 km to get to 310 km total. I hadn’t liked the odd numbers before. I went along the cliff tops and by the sea. 8 km completed and very pleased.

Last day in Spain and I wanted to complete a shorter fast run in preparation for the half marathon on Sunday. I set off again in the cool evening and managed a pacey 6 km, which means in total I’ve managed 21 km in the last three days. Feeling very pleased with myself. Also while I have been away I have reached my fundraising target, so this is absolutely fantastic.

Every time I run I remember why I am completing this challenge: to raise money for this amazing charity. More research needs to be conducted and support needs to be given. Let’s try and smash my target and raise much more. Thank you once again for all your support and for taking the time to read this.

First Time for everything. 

After my evening treadmill run I got up early on the Wednesday morning. I have never run before work! What is this challenge doing to me? I managed 5 km, and worryingly I have to admit the rest of the day was much better, as I felt energised. May even try it again soon.

I wanted to fit in another run before George and I went away for the weekend. I decided to do this on Thursday evening. I entered the garage and to my shock I found the biggest spider on the box behind the treadmill. Thankfully Andy was home so he helped get rid of my new running buddy. Apologies if you don’t like spiders, don’t look at the photo below. I managed 7 km though, so I was very pleased.


Here is my funny running story from last week. I decided that as I had entered the half marathon in November I wanted to know that I could run the distance. Most training plans take you to 10 miles, but that last three could be challenging so I wanted to do it all.

As I knew I needed to drink through this and I wanted to try out the gel I had been given as fuel, I decided to run on the treadmill. I downloaded some trashy TV and set off. Well I must have been about 2.5 km in and the iPad slipped and pushed the emergency button which stops the treadmill straight away. I was so annoyed, but just restarted it. Another 1.5 km and it did it again. I could have cried. So I started it for the third time 😦 I decided I would then use my Fitbit to track. I knew I had already done about 0.5 miles, so I needed to get to 13.6!

Well that’s a long way and I always find it slower on the treadmill. I run much better outside and it’s far less boring. Well, long story short: when I approached 13.6 miles according to my Fitbit I was on 17.8 km on the treadmill. Anyone who knows me well knows I hate odd numbers and leaving things like that. Well, there was only one thing for it: I needed to see that 20 km on the treadmill! And guess what? I did! I think in total I ran 24 km!!! I only tracked 21 as I know I definitely did that! But at least I know I can run the 13.1 miles. Good news: I didn’t ache the next day 🙂

A hen weekend in Liverpool meant I didn’t run at the weekend, so a 6 km run tonight was in order.

I’m getting there. 283 km completed, so another 217 km to go. Come on 🙂