Here is my funny running story from last week. I decided that as I had entered the half marathon in November I wanted to know that I could run the distance. Most training plans take you to 10 miles, but that last three could be challenging so I wanted to do it all.

As I knew I needed to drink through this and I wanted to try out the gel I had been given as fuel, I decided to run on the treadmill. I downloaded some trashy TV and set off. Well I must have been about 2.5 km in and the iPad slipped and pushed the emergency button which stops the treadmill straight away. I was so annoyed, but just restarted it. Another 1.5 km and it did it again. I could have cried. So I started it for the third time 😦 I decided I would then use my Fitbit to track. I knew I had already done about 0.5 miles, so I needed to get to 13.6!

Well that’s a long way and I always find it slower on the treadmill. I run much better outside and it’s far less boring. Well, long story short: when I approached 13.6 miles according to my Fitbit I was on 17.8 km on the treadmill. Anyone who knows me well knows I hate odd numbers and leaving things like that. Well, there was only one thing for it: I needed to see that 20 km on the treadmill! And guess what? I did! I think in total I ran 24 km!!! I only tracked 21 as I know I definitely did that! But at least I know I can run the 13.1 miles. Good news: I didn’t ache the next day 🙂

A hen weekend in Liverpool meant I didn’t run at the weekend, so a 6 km run tonight was in order.

I’m getting there. 283 km completed, so another 217 km to go. Come on 🙂

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