So close, yet so far

Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted. Apologies for this. I am not sure where the time has gone too. What with working, looking after George and running it’s soon flying by. Oh, and that little thing approaching called Christmas.

I was hoping this year I would be super organised and really relax and enjoy the run up to the holidays. Last year was difficult for me as I was diagnosed with delayed PND and started medication in early December. Christmas was a bit of a blur if I am honest. I was moaning to a friend earlier this week that the same seems to be happening this year as I seem less organised and all over the place with trying to fit these runs in, but she made me sit down and realise how far I have actually come in the year! I am in a much better place and happier, relaxed and overall a stronger person. That means so much more than whether or not I’ve sent Christmas cards (which, by the way, I haven’t).

As Christmas approaches I am excited but also slightly overwhelmed, as I know I need to fit in these runs so I can complete my last 5 km with Jen (founder of ICP support and friend) on Christmas Day. We did think Parkrun would be on Boxing Day (it being a Saturday), but no: apparently it’s more fun to run on the big day itself. Well, at least I can enjoy the afternoon festivities and still make the annual duck race on Boxing Day!

I am a little bit broken physically at the moment. The foot is still playing up at times and my neck is in a bit of a state. I went to the chiropractor yesterday, who has strapped me up, and advised that running isn’t the best thing, but has assured me she will fix me in January!

I was massively encouraged yesterday by an amazing post on Facebook – well, two: one on the ICP site and one on Run Mummy Run. I was struggling in the morning and the messages and overwhelming support from everyone were just amazing. Made me even more determined. Having raised nearly £1000 I will finish this challenge next Friday.

When I set out I had just started running. In the last 17 weeks (because calculations show me it will be 18 not 20 in which I have completed this), I have managed 5k and 10k events, and even a half marathon. I am so proud of what I have achieved. I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support and encouragement and a few particular people (who hopefully know who they are).

This condition in pregnancy is horrendous, scary, itchy, irritating at best, but at its worst it takes the lives of innocent young babies and deprives parents of the opportunity to take their babies home. We must raise more awareness. I am shocked when even close friends fail to understand the seriousness of the condition. The money I have raised will help towards research and raising awareness of the condition and ever single metre and kilometre is so worth it.