Half Way There

Sunday 25th October: thankfully no jet lag last night, so when I awoke at 7 a.m. I decided that a run was in order. Andy had agreed to come with me, which was great. It was already warm, but fairly quiet, so we ran to the Vegas sign. Obviously we had to stop for a photo.

I’m halfway through my challenge and what a place to achieve it. I am so proud of myself. Never in a million years would I have expected to be able to do this – six months ago I could barely run. Every time I find it a bit difficult or doubt myself I think about why I am doing this challenge. ICP Support is so close to our hearts and even raising a small amount for them to continue their amazing research and informing people about this horrible condition is worth it.

So I did it. I am half way (well over, actually, as this morning’s run was 6km 🙂 ). Here’s to the next 249 km.


Nearly Half Way

After the gruelling 46km of last week I had 18 to complete before Friday. I managed 9 on our Tuesday night club run and then I did 9 on our treadmill Thursday night. Was pleased as it meant that I flew off on holiday on target. 

We flew to Vegas Friday evening. Super excited to be going back to one of my favourite places. Andy and I got engaged in Vegas 5 years ago this week so it was great to be going back. George is staying with my parents and we know he will be happy and have fun there. 

If you had said to me even 6 months ago that when you go on holiday you will pack your trainers I would have laughed but firmly in my suitcase were my trainers and kit. I had it in my head that I wanted to get to half way in Vegas and that was what I was going to do. 

A challenging week

There is a moral to tonight’s post. When you set yourself a challenge with a time frame there is no time to lose. Therefore taking almost a whole week off last week has meant this week has been catch up!

It all started on Monday when I ran my 16km and then the slow 5km on Wednesday.

I decided on Thursday to run 3km on the treadmill and again ended up doing 5km! This repeated on Friday morning!

On Saturday morning I joined my running buddy for a 5km, forgetting she lives surrounded by hills. I got more than I bargained for, but a wonderful catch up in the process.

On Sunday I was down to do a 10km event at Blenheim Palace. I managed to persuade Andy to join me this week, so we all went over, including mum, dad, George and Laura: our own personal support crew.

After setting off and only 1km in my legs were heavy, but I realised I had already clocked up 36km this week! It was a very undulating (flippen hilly) course and I honestly thought by 6km I wouldn’t make it. But my amazing husband kept me going and not only that we pushed and I got a new pb of 56.43 :-), so massively pleased.

That makes 46km this week. I am going to have a rest day tomorrow!!!

I’ve been looking back at photos and trying to work out when all this really started. I found that 11 weeks ago I ran my first 10km and since then I have knocked 10 minutes off my time. I also think that when I run my half marathon in November it will mark 6 months since I started running again.

I am so proud and chuffed with myself. I can honestly say I’m loving running and the buzz it gives.

I need to run 18km before Friday and our holiday. I think that’s more likely.

Thank you for reading.

I must be mad!

Last week was a busy week. I had an interview for promotion on Tuesday (which I got), and then it was my birthday on Wednesday. I said I would run in the week and I didn’t. I was actually annoyed at myself and felt guilty too. Madness: never before would I have felt bad for not running and having that feeling like I had missed out.

On Monday morning I decided I was just going to run! George was at nursery so I had a good chunk of time. Run is what I did, and I kept going to 16 km (10 miles). I was so excited and happy to have achieved this. This is the furthest I have run since I started running again earlier in the year. My hips weren’t so happy, so I made a quick appointment with the chiropractor, who helped massively. Having run so far I decided to enter a half marathon!! So on November 15th I will be running the Gosport half marathon. I am so excited, nervous, apprehensive!!

Have completed a slow 5 km tonight on the treadmill. I’ve realised with nearly a whole week off I need to run every day until we go to Vegas, as I want to hit the half way mark there. I have now run over 200 km and I must say I am still enjoying every minute of it.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Shining Through

Apologies for the lack of posts – I’m not sure where the last ten days have gone to.

Saturday 26th September saw Kate and I head to London for the Shine night walk – 13.1 miles through the streets of London in the dark. It was absolutely fantastic. We had already decided we were going to make a bit of a weekend of it: hotel booked, bubbly packed etc. London was buzzing when we arrived and I always love that buzz. Pizza was consumed for dinner: clearly for carb loading purposes!

The walk itself was brilliant. We set off from Southwark Park and headed towards Bermondsey, over Tower Bridge, past Buckingham Palace, and along the Embankment, finishing at Old Billingsgate. We had always said it didn’t matter about time; it wasn’t a race. Having left the hotel I jokingly said we would be back by 11.30 pm, but we only started at 7.30! Well, I think at mile 9 we realised we were on course to do it in under 4 hours, so that was it: being competitive against ourselves we just walked. There were amazing fireworks along the Embankment which spurred us on and we passed the finish line in 3.39! We were indeed back in our hotel room dead on 11.30! What a night.

Tuesday saw me go to the club and we did a nice 6 km. We started with Langley Hill (anyone local will know that this is a big hill). I haven’t done a lot of hill running, so was super chuffed I got to the top without stopping.

I dragged Andy out on Thursday and we did 5 km. I said to him I wasn’t worried about time as thought I was going to struggle. Then again by 3 km I realised we could do it in under 30 min so off we went!

Saturday saw me at Parkrun again. I’ve had a couple of weeks off so it was lovely to be back, although very cold. Note to self: gloves needed for colder days. One of my mummy friends joined me this week, so it was great to run with her.

Then on Sunday it was a 10k event. This was Kate’s first event, and seeing as she only started running 4 months ago and has two little ‘uns under 2½ I am so incredibly proud of her. It was an honour to be her pacer for the event. It was a really lovely course in Reading and we did a fantastic time. And of course a new piece of bling 🙂

 Wonder what this week will bring. I have an interview on Tuesday at work and it is my birthday, but for the first year ever I have asked for some running bits and I’m actually working out if I can fit in a birthday run! What has happened to me?

Thank you for reading and for following my journey.

Jen xx

Ten more 

Two short treadmill runs this week as didn’t make running club and didn’t want to do too much before the overnight half marathon on Saturday.

I must admit I was a fair weather runner on Tuesday and saw the pouring rain and decided to run in the garage instead. I actually find treadmill running far harder than road running and never in a million years did I think I would be able to run 5k at a consistent pace of 10 kph, but I am now doing this. Interestingly I read an article/post this week on people using treadmills only to train for races and that it is just as acceptable as road running.

Tonight I just managed to fit one in before sorting bath and bed time with George.

#365togo (sounds like so much)

Running in Disney 

A very busy week here, but I still managed to fit in 25k in line with my schedule.

Tuesday saw Kate and I doing our last training session before the Shine half marathon. We wanted to walk the whole 13 miles and this was our last chance. We set off approx 3.15 in sunshine and by mile 7 the rain had started. Actually scrap that – it wasn’t rain, it was a monsoon, I haven’t seen rain that heavy for a long long time. We were absolutely soaked to the skin and it kept on raining. We arrived at my mum’s which marked the 9 mile mark. We were soaked and cold, but we were determined to do the whole distance so on we went. We did it and back to mum’s for hot chocolate and dry clothes!

Friday saw us hop on the Eurostar for a long weekend in Disneyland Paris. I think I was probably more excited than George. I’m a big kid who has never grown up. Unlike any packing before this time my trainers and running kit were included. I managed a quick 5k at the weekend but my Garmin had no battery so my Fitbit had to be used. It says 8 miles, but 5 of those were walking around!!

So that’s 125 km to date and the donations are beginning. #375togo